This page explains how to work with the "JIRA" replacement system.



The Board is what's being used for daily stand ups. It shows the user stories for the current sprint, along with their estimates. It also shows the task board view which contains all tasks that:




An epic is a large body of work that fit a single theme and can be broken down into a number of smaller user stories. Epics are created by the project manager.

User Story

User Stories

User stories are short requirements written from the perspective of the client or an end user. User stories are created by the project manager. For each user story, Estimates of how much time is needed to complete tare made per platform/technology for each user story



Tasks are small chunks of work, usually requirements to complete a user story. A task does not necessarily need to be linked to a user story, for example a newly discovered bug for work that was already finished. Tasks should be created for each platform/technology and be given an appropriate priority. Tasks can be created by the person performing the task (the software engineer or designer) or the project or support manager.